There’s No Place Like Home

Private Rehoming Opportunity for Pets

We know that life happens and sometimes people are faced with the challenge of balancing their companion animal’s well-being with unavoidable changes in their life. When those challenges arise and your pet needs to be rehomed, the Animal Protective Foundation (APF) believes the process should be as stress-free as possible. No matter how great a shelter facility (and its staff and volunteers) is, every animal lover knows, “There’s No Place Like Home.”

The APF will always be here for animals who have to be surrendered, but we are excited to announce an alternative – a private rehoming interface that enables pet owners to help their pet find a new home without them spending time waiting in a stressful shelter.

The APF will post photos and information about animals needing a new home, but the interactions will be directly between the owners and the potential adopters.

Please note that we are only able to include privately-owned animals – we are unable to post listings for rescue groups or shelters.

The APF has no responsibility for the pets posted nor any interactions between individuals.

Our hope is to give every pet the chance to learn that There’s No Place Like Home.

Submit an Animal for Private Rehoming

To submit your pet for the There’s No Place Like Home interface, please complete the form at There’s No Place Like Home Pet Submission

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