The pets listed below are being rehomed by members of our community. These animals are not at the Animal Protective Foundation Shelter and all arrangements to meet them must be made directly with their guardians. 

Just scroll through the photos of available pets from members of our community. You will contact the community member directly if you are interested in their pet.

Please note that the Animal Protective Foundation accepts no responsibility for the pets posted to this page. Potential adopters are responsible for communicating with the pet’s guardian to acquire veterinary records and other necessary information and supplies.

Lovable Nala, 4 years old, is in need of a calmer home.

About: The home is mellow during the day but can be busy at night. We have 3 children under 10. Some animals are fine, it really depends on the dog. She can be very afraid at first. She’s a cuddly loving dog. We are moving and unfortunately, we have to find her a new home. It has been a hard decision. She would do great running on a farm, somewhere with land, with an older couple or someone single looking for a companion. Nala is great, she likes to run/hike. She is lovable and cuddly. House trained of course.

Name: Nala (Female)

Breed: Cattle Dog Mix

Weight: 50/60lbs

Age: 4

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Rehome Date: 8/1/2023

Contact Info:

Affectionate Gibson, 3.5 years old, seeks loving home.

Gibson is an affectionate Pit Bull that needs a home with lots of attention and space to exercise. My circumstances have drastically changed since rescuing Gibson in June 2022. I do not have the time to socialize him. He is wonderful with my daughter but not the best around other animals. He is 3.5 years old, up to date with shots, but not neutered.

Name: Gibson (Male)

Breed: American Pitbull

Weight: 65lbs

Age: 3

Spayed/Neutered: No

Rehome Date: ASAP

Contact Info:

Loveable, sweet, playful boy looking for a home.

Hendrix is a two-year-old Pitbull lab mix. He is the sweetest most playful dog but unfortunately, I can no longer take care of him. He is in a home with other dogs and children and does well with them. He loves going on walks and hikes.

Name: Hendrix

Breed: Pitbull/Lab mix

Weight: 50lbs

Age: 2 years

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Rehome date: By August 10th

Contact Info:

Charming Charlie, 3 years old seeking a family.

Charlie is a flat coated retriever and he’s very beautiful and intelligent. He is well trained, groomed, isn’t a barker unless there are weird noises, and he loves kid’s adults and strangers (he loves everyone) very happy and easy going loves going to the dog park and for runs.

Name: Charlie

Breed: Flat Coated Retriever

Weight: 109lbs

Age: 3 years old

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Rehome date: ASAP

Contact Info:

Energetic lab mix seeks home with lots of attention.

Max is two years old; he lives in a house with other animals and children. However, he’d be better suited in a home where he can get all the attention and with older children. He has a lot of energy, loves chew toys and stuffed animals.

Name: Max

Breed: Lab

Weight: 40lbs

Age: 2 years

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Rehome date: ASAP

Contact Info:

Loving 8-year-old Marley is seeking a family with lots of time for him!

Marley currently lives in a small 2-bedroom apartment with not much of a yard, he has lived with other dogs before but here he is the only dog, he lives and gets along with my two cats, he is good around people but will bark at first because he is curious and doesn’t know you once he gets to know you, he is your shadow and wants all the attention.

Name: Marley

Breed: Lab/Pitbull mix

Weight: 50lbs

Age: 8 years

Spayed/neutered: yes

Rehome date: ASAP

Contact Info: Rbaker81520@gmail

5-year-old Wolfie looking for a quiet single animal household.

Wolfie has Lived with two other dogs but does better being the only pet. Once he warms up to you, he loves to cuddle. He is shy of strangers and new environments; he is on anxiety medications to help him cope with some fear-based anxiety. His favorite toys are tennis balls. He Loves to run and be active, but he should be fenced in or on a leash because he has the potential to run away. He would do best a home with older children.

Name: Wolfie

Breed: Hound Mix

Weight: 35 lbs.

Age: 5 years

Spayed/neutered: yes.

Rehome date: ASAP

Contact Info:

Sweet lovable Cattle dog looking for a forever home.

Tetra is a 10-year-old cattle dog who is looking for a new home. Her current owner is unfortunately going through some health issues right now and can no longer take care of her. She is a very sweet girl who is very smart and social.

Name: Tetra

Breed: Cattle dog

Weight: 30 lbs.

Age: 10 years

Spayed/neutered: Yes

Rehome date: ASAP

Contact Info:

Nova, Loveable girl seeking a new home.

Nova is a sweet 11-month-old Female Pitbull. She lives in a home with an infant and does well, she just needs more attention than they can give her. Her current owners took her in for a friend, so they were not thinking they were going to have to keep her.

Name: Nova

Breed: Pitbull

Weight: 40 lbs.

Age: 11 months

Spayed/neutered: No

Rehome date: ASAP

Contact Info:

Super loving boy!

Euro is a super loving 2-year-old Pitbull looking for a new home. He is very friendly, loves all people and does great with children. He is still a big puppy at heart so would benefit from being able to run and play, he has bursts of energy that would make him the perfect adventure buddy!

Name: Euro

Breed: Pitbull

Weight: 80lbs

Age: 2 years

Rehome date: ASAP

Contact Info:

Beautiful brothers Lazarus and Scooter.

These brothers are looking for a new home, they have done well together until recent. They both need to be neutered, due to this they have been fighting with each other. Their current owner feels that once they are neutered and receive some training that they could do well together. They do well with kids and female dogs, but not great with other males.

Name: Lazarus and Scooter

Breed: Pitbull

Weight: 50lbs

Age: 1 years

Rehome date: ASAP

Contact Info:

Sweet lovable 3-year-old seeks quieter home where she is the only dog!

Zara needs to be in a quiet home where she is the ONLY dog. She currently lives with cats and has done fine with them, there has been times where she has gotten excited and chased our cats but has never tried to intentionally harm them. She does live with another male dog whom we believe she is jealous over and has caused several fights with. She is not yet spayed, so this might be part of the issue. She is a great dog and loves to snuggle. She loves everyone, including kids. One of her favorite things to do is go on a car rides.

Name: Zara

Breed: American Bulldog

Weight: 85lbs

Age: 3 Years

Rehome date: Owners are not in a rush, just looking for the right home for her.

Contact Info:

Playful, Italian, Cane Corso seeking a new home.

Six-year-old, Italian, Cane Corso, Maddie girl. Had a family with two kids and a cat. The family broke up and now she’s all alone. She loves Hanging out being a dog. She is great with car rides, baths, hiking, people and other dogs. She is even great at the groomers and getting her nails clipped. She is currently in foster, and her foster mom takes her for walks every day. She is a big girl at 100 pounds, the foster is asking that only those with big dog experience reach out if interested. She does best with somebody around all the time. She is trained off leash, doesn’t run away or run after things. she really is a great dog.

Name: Maddie

Breed: Cane Corso

Weight: 100lbs

Age: 6 years

Rehome date: Owners are not in a rush, just looking for the right home for her.

Contact Info:

Obedient, smart and handsome Husky Mix wants to be the love of your life!

Jericho is sweet, friendly, and he loves meeting new people. He used to be the only dog, and I think he liked it better. He loves walks on the leash, playing fetch (he brings the ball back and drops it) and tug. It’s just that now there are 3 other dogs. I got him a friend, who got pregnant and had puppies and I kept two. She and her babies are a trio. Jericho is left out a lot, he is too timid to get involved at times because the mother is very controlling and gets aggressive towards him over items, food, toys, attention. We currently go for an hour walk on trails off leash. He comes when called, stays nearby, always keeps his eye on you. He is good with children, babies, cats, and he is very eager to be a good boy. He is up to date on all shots, heartworm negative, and on preventative and flea and tick medicine. I feel like he would be best as an only dog, he just wants your attention. He may do ok with another dog, as long as they were getting enough attention, equally. He really loves being the center of attention and he is not able to shine here, he fades into the background.

Name: Jericho

Breed: Husky Mix

Weight: 53 lbs

Age: 2 Years

Rehome date: ASAP

Contact Info:

Shepherd Mix, 6 months, seeks childless home.

Hi everyone! My name is Denali! I’m a 6-month-old shepherd mix looking for a new home. I was raised in a quiet but active home, exercise and enrichment every day! Currently I live with my fur dad and 2-year-old human sister. All I want is to cuddle and be loved and scratched but unfortunately, I am not a fan of children and need to be rehomed to a place without kids. I love to trail run and roll in the grass, but my favorite thing to do is sunbathe. Is there anybody out there without kids who wants a copilot fur baby?!

Name: Denali

Breed: Shepherd Mix

Weight: 45lbs

Age: 6 Months

Rehome date: 4/22/24

Contact info:

Smart, playful, well-mannered girl seeks forever home.

Winnie is a four-month-old Siberian Husky puppy being fostered in a busy home with two kids 10 years and older, three cats, and two dogs. Loves people and other animals. A bit unsure about babies and toddlers. Crate trained and will go to her new home with her crate and other items. She is potty trained and knows basic commands. She is great on leash and in the car.

Name: Winnie

Breed: Husky

Weight: 30lbs

Age: 4 Months

Rehome date: Owners are not in a rush, just looking for the right home for her.

Contact Info:

Giant sweet boy Hudson Lee, 3 years old, in need of an only dog home

Hudson currently lives in a family of 7 with children from 8-18, he is a loveable friendly dog great with people and children very gently. He does not do well with other dogs at all, he needs to be in an only dog household. I have to rehome him because we had to move, and he doesn’t get along with my other dogs. He is house broken, and crate trained. He does have anxiety when left alone.

Name: Hudson

Breed: Great Pyrenees/Pitbull Mix

Weight: 97lbs

Age: 3 Years

Rehome date: ASAP

Contact Info:

High energetic loveable Timber seeks only dog household

Timber lives in a family of 7 between ages 8-18, he is social with other dogs but does not do well living with other dogs. he is very social with people once he warms up. He is high in energy, needs a lot of activity. He is crate trained and is house broken, he loves to dig holes, needs a lot of room to run, listens to commands, and loves car rides.

Name: Timber

Breed: Husky/Lab Mix

Weight: 70lbs

Age: 3 Years

Rehome date: ASAP

Contact Info: