Your support of the Animal Protective Foundation makes a difference in countless animal’s lives. Here are just a few of our adoption successes that would not have been possible without you:

Lula now Luna

Lula spent 5 months at the APF searching for her perfect match. This is not an unusual situation for Pit Bulls in shelters. Many are overlooked due to their fearsome reputation. However, Pit Bulls are second to Labrador Retrievers in terms of friendliness. These dogs were ranked fourth among 122 breeds for most friendly and least aggressive dogs, according to research by the American Temperament Society. Although their size and reputation for viciousness would lead you to believe they would make excellent guard dogs, they are actually far too trusting of people.
Once you get to know a pit bull, it’s impossible not to fall in love. You’ll start to notice that individuals frequently express unfavorable (and incorrect) stereotypes about the breed. How can you help stop these misconceptions and get shelter Pit Bulls adopted? Tell us about the positive impact your shelter Pit Bull has had on your life!

Pupdate from Lunas dad: ” I took Luna for her first trip to PetSmart tonight. Her tail wagged the whole time. She did get excited when she saw another dog but, it was a playful excited. I’m going to slowly socialize her and see how it goes. I will keep you posted. She really does bring joy to our lives.”


On August 9, 2022, we were fortunate to have space to help out our friends at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society when they were overcrowded. One of the pups who stole our staff members’ hearts was a lovable pit bull mix named Declan who had been in their care since November 24, 2021.
Declan brought a smile to our team’s faces every day as we celebrated Labor Day, Halloween, his one-year-in-a-shelter anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. He mastered agility, learned all of his basic commands, had some great field trips, tons of treats for being a good boy, a couple appearances on Steve Caporizzo-Pet Connection and an endless supply of belly rubs.
But the happiest day of all was when we celebrated (with a lot of tears and smiles) his adoption/gotcha day on January 5th.
We’re happy to share that Declan won the lottery with his new guardians who share, “Declan is such a good boy he’s always smiling and he’s such a big goof. He loves his toys and all the treats we give him. He’s a giant cuddle bug and he’s so people friendly. Everyone we have introduced him to have fell in love with him we were so happy to bring him into our little family.”
Here at the Animal Protective Foundation, we pride ourselves on giving every animal who finds their way here all the time they need to find their human soul mates. Sometimes it takes a day or two, sometimes it takes 407 days.
We are truly grateful for each and every community member whose support enables us to go the distance for Declan and all of the animals who find their way here. Thank you, we truly couldn’t do it without you.

Miss Piggy

13-year-old Miss Piggy was brought to the APF from a local citizen that found her loose near Central Park. We placed her on hold to allow time for her owners to claim her. Unfortunately, she was never claimed during her hold.
During her stay with APF, staff noted that she had severe dental disease and multiple masses, she was un-spayed and in need of some TLC! The APF team scheduled Miss Piggy for surgery to be spayed and have multiple masses removed. The masses were sent out to the lab to be diagnosed. Miss piggy is an incredibly sweet lady that loves to be in the company of people. She is very easy going and happy to lay in the sun for the day.
As you can see from her before photo, she was not previously taken care of and needed to be bathed and groomed! Head to Tail Pet Wellness Center came to the rescue again and donated their time to make sure Miss Piggy was cleaned and groomed properly! Miss Piggy is beyond excited to show off her new look!
Miss Piggy has since been adopted and is living her best life with her forever family!


Chili is a stunning kitty with beautiful tiger markings. Despite his young age — he’s not even 2 years old Chili is on his second go around at the Animal Protective Foundation (APF). He was returned with some medical notes, and it was obvious he was in pain. Our veterinary staff examined him, and it was clear he had some very serious issues with his hind legs; X-rays confirmed he needed Femoral Head Ostectomy surgery to alleviate the pain. To ensure that we are able to help Chili and all the other animals with extraordinary medical needs, we are creating the APF Angel Fund. This fund will enable us to make sure we always have the money available to help each of the animals who need special care that is beyond the means of our shelter’s limited resources.

Thanks to your support Chili has been adopted and is living his best life with his forever family.

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