Our Mission

The Animal Protective Foundation promotes and protects the human-animal bond by providing resources to our community and humane care to companion animals.

Our Vision

Our vision is a community where all companion animals are loved, respected and receive exceptional care.

What We Do

The Animal Protective Foundation is a humane society providing services to Schenectady County and the greater Capital Region. Since 1931, the APF has held true to the mission of its founders. We have an open admission policy which ensures that animals are not turned away based on their breed, age, condition, or circumstance.

We accept owner relinquished cats, dogs and small animals and stray cats from Schenectady County and greater Capital Region residents. We request a minimum donation of $25 per animal at the time of intake or surrender. The APF cares for upwards of 5,000 animals each year.

Our Commitment to the Animals

Upon arrival, animals receive an incoming exam and are vaccinated against distemper, rabies, and other diseases. They are also treated for fleas, worms and other parasites as needed. They are then given time to settle into their new surroundings and provided with comforting amenities, such as blankets, beds and toys.

Prior to spay/neuter surgery, cats over 6 months old are tested for feline leukemia (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency (FIV), and cats under 6 months old are tested for feline leukemia (FeLV) only. Dogs are tested for heartworm, Lyme disease, ehrlichia and anaplasma (both tick-borne illnesses). The average cost of care we provide for each dog and cat is $250.

We get to know our pets through behavioral assessments so that we can place them with adopters whose lifestyles best match their needs. Staff members and volunteers provide daily exercise, enrichment, and socialization for the animals.

Finding Forever Homes

Our greatest hope for every pet is a loving, lifelong home. Our adoption process includes a simple questionnaire which helps to identify what characteristics adopters are looking for in a pet. After completion of the questionnaire, potential adopters can spend time with the animals. Once a pet goes home, we encourage adopters to contact us with any questions or issues that may arise. Should the adoption ultimately not work out, we will always take the animal back. In addition to pets adopted through the shelter, we work with rescue groups to place pets with special needs.


Your support helps us keep our doors open. Thank you! The Animal Protective Foundation is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation (EIN 14-0472728). Our funding comes from the generosity of individuals, businesses, and private and government grants. We also generate revenue by providing pet spay/neuter services, adopting out shelter pets to loving families, providing compassionate end-of-life care for pets and their families, and contracting with municipal Animal Control Departments to accept stray cats and dogs.

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