We treat every pet as if it were our own

We offer onsite cremation services for companion animals, including private cremation in which you can retain the ashes of your pet. Private cremation prices include return of your beloved pet in a plastic urn.

Cremation Pricing – Effective January 1, 2020

WeightPrivate RateGroup RatePackage*
Up to 20lbs:$55$35$110
21 to 40 lbs:$70$55$130
41 to 80 lbs:$110$80$175
81 to 120 lbs:$160$125$230
121 lbs or more:$215$175$280
Small Animals$30$30
*Cremation package includes Private Cremation, Oak Urn and Brass Name Plate.

Reptiles over 20 lbs require special pricing. Please call us at (518) 374-3944 ext. 101 for more information.

Prices are subject to change

Please allow seven business days for the return of your beloved pet’s ashes.


The APF recognizes how difficult it can be to decide that a beloved pet is in need of humane euthanasia. If you are considering using our affordable end-of-life services, please call us at (518) 374-3944 ext. 101​. ​One of our representatives will answer any questions you have about our process to ensure you and your pet receive the appropriate care and services. The chart below outlines the cost of euthanasia by a pet’s weight.

Please keep in mind that due to limited staffing, APF’s humane euthanasia service is available by appointment only. Please note that we are not able to allow pet owners to stay during the procedure.

If your pet is in need of emergency attention, please take them to your local Emergency Animal Hospital.

Your pet’s terminal illness, age, prognosis, or general well being should be discussed with your veterinarian prior to making an appointment.

Up to 20 lbs$50
21 – 40 lbs$55
41 – 80 lbs$60
81 – 120 lbs$75
120+ lbs$95
Small Animals$40

These veterinarians and organizations provide in-home euthanasia services.

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