Retirement Plan Gifts

Did you know that you could easily make contributions of retirement plan distributions to the APF? Donations of this type are a great way to help animals in need.

Many individuals have qualified retirement plans such as an IRA plan. These assets have likely been growing tax-free for years. Once the owner begins to receive payments from the qualified plans, the distributions are taxed. When the owner passes, such plans will be included in the owner’s gross estate for purposes of Federal and State estate taxation. A retirement plan may be an ideal source of funds for making a gift to the APF. By giving these assets to the APF instead of to an individual, you may reduce the tax burden on your heirs.

If you are interested in making a gift of retirement plan distributions, please contact Cassandra Metke at (518) 374-3944 x 122 or

Gifting Appreciated Securities

You may be able to help the homeless pets of our community and the APF in a substantial way by making a donation of appreciated stock. Since the APF is a qualified charitable organization and your donations can be deducted on your federal income tax return as an itemized deduction, you may want to consider donating appreciated stock from your investment portfolio.
Many investors who bought individual stocks are very likely to own shares that have substantial unrealized gains this year. If an investor has held an appreciated stock or mutual fund for more than one year, they can donate those securities to a charity and receive a tax deduction for the fair market value of the securities AND eliminate any capital gains tax on the future sale of the securities. These rules create a “double play” of tax benefits: a charitable deduction AND avoiding tax on the unrealized capital gains of the donated property.

Be mindful, however, that this will not work if the stock has not been held for more than a year. Please speak with your attorney, accountant, and tax advisor for additional information on how gifting appreciated securities can fit into your portfolio.

If you are interested in making a gift of stock, please contact Cassandra Metke at (518) 374-3944 x 122 or

A Legacy for the Future

Legacy gifts reflect your values and commitment to providing for helpless animals who cannot take care of themselves. The APF Legacy Circle was established to recognize and honor individuals who have named the Animal Protective Foundation in their will or estate plan. By doing so, these compassionate supporters continue the legacy of providing care and comfort to animals in need.

One of the easiest planned gifts is a bequest through your will, trust, or other estate provisions in which you designate a percentage of your estate or a specific dollar amount to the APF. Your legacy gift reflects your values and commitment to providing for helpless animals who cannot take care of themselves. By naming the APF in your bequest, you create a lasting impact that serves as an example to your family and friends. Click here to read more about The APF Legacy Circle

For more information, please contact Cassandra at (518) 374-3944 x 122 or

Dog House Merchant Program

doghouse box

It costs you nothing to place a cute little dog house collection box in your business, yet spare change donated by your customers really adds up for the animals.

For information, please contact Riley Sheedy at (518) 374-3944 x 115 or

Host An Event

Hosting a fundraising event is a great way to help the animals in need. If you are interesting in hosting an event please contact Samantha Wendell at

Workplace Campaigns

If your employer participates in one of the campaigns below, you can direct your contribution to the APF.

  • United Way: Designate to “Animal Protective Foundation of Schenectady”
  • SEFA: Agency number 50-00036
  • CFC: Agency number 99622

Donor Advised Funds

If you have a donor-advised fund that participates in DAF Direct, you can donate directly to the APF here.


Lazy Dog Cookies

lazydogThe Lazy Dog Cookie Co. of Ballston Spa gives back to help shelter pets. Order your favorite Lazy Dog Cookies online and use the code adoptAPF. You’ll save 15% and Lazy Dog will match the 15% with a donation to help our shelter pets. Shop now!


Amazon A (cropped) You already shop on Amazon, why not visit and select The Animal Protective Foundation as your designated charity. Every time you make a purchase on Amazon, a portion of the purchase price will be donated to us. It’s quick, easy, and no additional cost to you!


Rings cropped 2Are you getting married but don’t need a whole lot of new stuff? You can create a donation registry to fundraise for your favorite organizations in lieu of, or in addition to, wedding gifts. Visit to create your registry today! is an online custom e-invitation company that offers an option to add a donate now button for your favorite charity. Evite can be used for weddings, birthdays, parties, or any type of special event. On the Edit Details page click Add Donations under the Special Features header and type Animal Protective Foundation into the text box and hit enter, our logo should appear once you have added us to your e-invite. Your guests can now donate to the APF simply by following the link provided on your invite.