NYS Registered Shelter # RR038

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Subaru Loves Pets! 

Thinking about adding a four-footed friend into your family? October is the right time to adopt! 
Subaru of America and Capitaland Subaru, Glenville, NY have partnered to donate $100 for every dog or cat adopted up to 31 pets. That means $3,100 will go toward helping the APF provide love and care for shelter pets — and you can make that happen!

In July of 2019 New York became the first state to ban cat declawing. As most cat lovers know, keeping a kitten’s little claws trim is key in protecting you and your home from their scratches and shenanigans. Trimming your kitten’s nails can prove to be tricky at times, here are some helpful tips for you to try out!

How Do I Trim My Kittens Nails