A Word About Pet Food

sciencedietWe purchase all of our DRY cat and dog food at a greatly reduced price through Hills Science Diet’s Shelter Feeding Program. However, we still need and appreciate donations of canned food, for cats, dogs, and kittens. In addition, if you would like to donate pet food to someone in need, we collect all types of cat and dog food (new, unopened containers only) and cat litter for our Pet Supply Pantry, which provides pet supplies to families in need.    

Returnable Cans and Bottles Add Up!

Consider donating your empty deposit cans and bottles to the APF! Each nickel donation multiplies into so much more! Last year we received over $30,000 just from your returnables! These donations helped a lot of cats and dogs receive wonderful care and find loving homes. Please help by bringing your empties to the bottle shed in our parking lot at 53 Maple Avenue, Glenville at your convenience any day or time of the week. Thank you!

A Great Way to Treat Our Kitties!

[arrowright]catscratcher[/arrowright]Our kitties love these Stretch and Scratch scratching posts. They attach easily to the cages for exercise and scratching. You may order them online via the link above and have them shipped for free directly to the APF at 53 Maple Avenue, Scotia, NY 12302.

50 scratchers – $68.95
25 scratchers – $48.95
12 scratchers – $37.95
6 scratchers – $24.95

Amazon Wishlist

You can also visit our Amazon Wishlist for our most up-to-date needs here: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/genericItemsPage/3USTSL2EZNJ5U?filter&fbclid=IwAR2ExKWG95wF8ZpnIeU-bDtHAvL-VDEsNQff5D9HSMtnQgNgbM0Ox0awr34&ref_=cm_wl_huc_title&sort=default&type=wishlist&_encoding=UTF8

This is a great way to support pets in need and ensure we receive the items needed most!

Click here to print or download this list.

APF Donations Wish List