When you adopt from the APF,
you’re not only saving a life,
you’re saving money.

The dog or cat you adopt will have received over $250 worth of veterinary care. This includes spay or neuter surgery, vaccinations, testing for various diseases, and possibly other treatments. Our adoption fees vary by age and species, please see the adoption fee chart below:


8 weeks – 6 months $350-$500 (depending on breed and age)
7 months – 7 years$225
8+ years$175
*The cost of dogs will occasionally vary based on breed*

Includes: Spay/neuter, core vaccines*, 4Dx test (including heartworm, Lyme, ehrlichia, and anaplasma)*, initial deworming and flea preventative, microchip & registration, 30-day free gift of pet insurance, sample bag of Science Diet food, two free weeks of dog training and support from the GoodPup app, and more!


8 weeks – 6 months $155
7 months – 7 years $105
8+ years $65
Bonded pair (determined by APF) B.O.G.O
Second kitten discount $50 off

Includes: Spay/neuter, core vaccines*, FeLV & FIV* test, initial deworming and flea preventative, microchip & registration, 30-day free gift of pet insurance,cardboard carrier,sample bag of Science Diet food, and more!

Includes: Spay/neuter
$60 (B.O.G.O 1/2 off)
Guinea Pig  $25 (B.O.G.O 1/2 off)
Ferret $75
Rat $20
Hamster/Gerbil/Mouse $15

*Vaccines and tests provided may vary according to age and veterinary recommendations. Some animals may require additional vaccines and tests after adoption.

Special Programs and Discounts

Senior Discount Program

The APF provides the opportunity for seniors age 60 and older to adopt a cat or dog that is at least one year old at a $50 discount. All we ask is to take a photo of the adopter and their new pet at the time of adoption. Senior adoptions are supported in part by a grant from the Pets for the Elderly Foundation. Additional donations are always appreciated.

Pets for Patriots

Pets for Patriots is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to connecting homeless pets with military personnel. Service members are eligible at any stage of their careers – active, reserve, inactive reserve, retired or veteran – and from any branch of service. The organization supports adoption of dogs or cats at least two years old, large dogs over 40 pounds, as well as special needs dogs and cats. To ease the costs associated with pet ownership, member Patriots who complete eligible adoptions through our shelter will receive access to reduced cost veterinary care, food and supplies.

Service members must first apply through Pets for Patriots online and provide proof of military service. Approval takes only a day or two, after which the adopter can visit the APF to meet their new best friend. For more details, visit www.petsforpatriots.org.