Pet Food Pantry

The pet food pantry is a temporary assistance program available by appointment at the Animal Protective Foundation in Glenville, New York. We regularly supply donated dry cat and dog food, and wet food as we have it available.  There is no income requirement. Call (518)374-3944 or email to schedule an appointment.

The APF also partners with the Schenectady Inner City Ministry (SICM) Food Pantry to provide free pet food for those in need of temporary assistance. This program is open to residents of Schenectady County. The SICM Food Pantry is located at 839 Albany Street in Schenectady. There are no income requirements, but you must bring an ID when you go. For more information and hours, call the Food Pantry at (518) 346-4035 or visit their website.

Veterinary Assistance

The APF offers low-cost spay and neuter for cats and dogs through our Community Spay/Neuter Clinic. We are unable to provide other types of veterinary care for owned pets.

Guardian Domestic Violence Program

Pet Guardian, our partnership program with the YWCA of Schenectady, is for pets belonging to women affected by domestic violence. Pet Guardian provides a safe place for the animals while their owners are in transition to a new home. The goal of Pet Guardian is to enable victims to leave abusive situations without leaving their pets behind. This program also provides basic veterinary care to these animals, including spay/neuter and vaccinations as needed, free of charge. For more information, please contact the YWCA at (518) 374-3386 or visit the YWCA website. You may also contact the APF at (518) 374-3944, ext. 112.

Veterinary Bills Financial Assistance

Do you need help with veterinary bills for urgent care or to save your pet’s life? Here is a list of organizations that provide financial assistance.

  • The Pet Fund provides financial assistance for pet owners who are unable to afford non-urgent, non-basic care (i.e. cancer or heart disease treatment).
  • Red Rover provides financial assistance for owners whose pet is in a life-threatening situation that requires urgent and specific care.
  • Rose’s Fund provides assistance to pet owners who cannot afford to provide care for their pet that is ill and has a good prognosis, and who have already applied for a Care Credit Card.
  • Care Credit provides financing options with interest free promotional periods. Care Credit Cards are accepted by over 25 veterinary offices in the Schenectady area.
  • The Magic Bullet Fund provides assistance to owners of dogs that have been diagnosed with cancer and cannot afford treatment.
  • Brown Dog Foundation provides financial assistance for owners whose pet is in a life-threatening situation.
  • Land of Pure Gold provides financial assistance to owners of working dogs who have been diagnosed with cancer. Applicants must have been active, full-time working dogs at the time of cancer diagnose. The working dog must have been in one of the following fields: assistance, detection, search & rescue, law enforcement, military work, or animal assisted therapy. Dogs must be trained and certified in their field.
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