There’s No Place Like Home – Private Rehoming Opportunity for Pets

We know that life happens and sometimes people are faced with the challenge of balancing their companion animal’s well-being with unavoidable changes in their life. When those challenges arise and your pet needs to be rehomed, the Animal Protective Foundation (APF) believes the process should be as stress-free as possible. No matter how great a shelter facility (and its staff and volunteers) is, every animal lover knows, “There’s No Place Like Home” (to read more please visit the There’s No Place Like Home page).

Capitaland Subaru makes record donation for Share the Love Event to the APF

Regina Grego and Arianna Hirschman presented the APF with a $68,000.00 donation from the Subaru Share the Love Event. Subaru of America, Inc. donates $250.00 per car sold during the Share the Love event and Capitaland Subaru adds an additional $150.00 per car sold. “We are very pleased to support the Animal Protective Foundation and thank them for their good work that they do for the pets in our community,” says Grego. The Capitaland Subaru dealership team had a very successful event, and this donation is thanks to their hard work.