06/06/18 UPDATE: Phoebe is out of surgery and the doctors have told us that it went well. The staff at the veterinary hospital say she is “wide-eyed and bushy tailed” and recovering nicely. She is resting now and will be monitored throughout the rest of the day. More updates to come tomorrow. Thank you again to everybody who helped make this lifesaving procedure possible, your compassion and generosity has truly touched all of us here at the APF.

06/05/18 URGENT UPDATE: Today, Phoebe had a consultation with her cardiologist, who tells us that time is of the essence. If we do not act now, Phoebe could have severe lifelong heart issues. With this in mind, we have decided to proceed with this urgent surgery tomorrow.

The APF is currently caring for the sweetest little pup who has a very serious heart condition. Can you help us give Phoebe the life she deserves?

You can be a hero to an animal in need. Visit Phoebe’s GoFundMe page to learn more about her condition and to help us with the cost of this lifesaving surgery.