Samantha, a beautiful Pharaoh hound mix, arrived at the APF in December of 2019. Animal Care & Client Specialist, Carlee wasn’t at all expecting to bond with her because Samantha was shut down and fearful of strangers. But, quickly Carlee’s relationship with ‘Sam’ grew strong and was very special.

“Sam was one of those dogs that I grew attached to because I knew that Sam needed someone to feel safe with.”

Carlee and the APF staff created an individualized attention plan for Sam and worked closely with her to help build positive and trusting relationships. This meant having additional snuggle time, a book read to her, or going on outings. After making significant progress Samantha was ready for adoption.

She was quickly adopted by a couple looking for a four-legged running partner – and, Sam loved to run!

A day after going home with her new family the APF received a call that Samantha had gotten loose. On a walk with her family Sam saw another dog, was frightened, and slipped out of her new harness.

The staff at APF quickly sprang into action to help search for her. It was one of the coldest days of year and temperatures had dropped significantly below freezing during the night and into the morning.  But, that did not stop the APF staff and they forged ahead with the search.

After hours of looking, and with the help of the community through Facebook, Carlee pinpointed Sam’s location. She called out her name and Samantha came running to her. “It was like one of those movie scenes that tug at the heart strings, but you never think you’d ever experience,” said Carlee. The two had an emotional reunion, and Sam was reconnected with her family.

Another happily ever after story at the APF. This is how we care. Every day.

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