We are so excited to see everybody at this coming Sunday’s 3rd Annual Bark ‘N Brew. As the event approaches, we would like to take this opportunity to provide these helpful tips to all attendees who plan to bring their dog(s):

1. If your dog has shown signs of aggression towards other dogs and people, this will not be an appropriate event for them.

2. If your dog is reactive with other dogs and high-excitement levels, do not force your dog into situations they will be uncomfortable with. If your dog is uncomfortable and unable to settle, it is ok to remove your dog and try another low-key event in the future.

3. No flexi-leads/retractable leashes! Dogs should be on a leash no longer than 6ft in length. This is for the safety of all people and pets at the event and no exceptions will be made. We will have leashes available to borrow at the check-in table if necessary.

4. Keep your eye on your dog! There will be a lot of people and dogs at the event. This can be stressful for even the most balanced dog. If your dog is showing obvious signs of stress: lip licking, shaking-off, pacing, yawning etc, give your dog a break from the crowd and take a walk outside.

5. Avoid using food treats or toys while at the event. These items may be a source of friction in dogs that like to guard them. Use praise and petting to reward your dog!

6. If another dog is showing signs they are not interesting in meeting your dog at this time, do not force it. Let the dogs decide who they want to interact with. If for some reason, there is a little tension, lip curling, low growls, simply remove the dogs from the area and take a walk to give them a break.

7. If your dog is being pushy with meeting other dogs, please understand some dogs will not appreciate this. Therefore, try to have your dog calm before meeting.

8. Walk or exercise your dog BEFORE the event! It will help to burn off some excited energy before coming together with a group of dogs and people.

9. Dogs coming to this event should be comfortable with people approaching or petting them. However, if they are not, please do not allow people to bombard them. Allow your dog to approach the person on their own. If they are extremely uncomfortable with people approaching, this will not be an appropriate event for them.

10. Remember, even if the best of circumstances, dogs can react differently than we might expect. If dogs do not appear to appreciate one another’s company, just simply walk away and take a break. We do not want to yell or use harsh tones to make the dogs nervous.