The APF is pleased to announce two promotions at the Animal Protective Foundation:

Dr. Jessica Durham, DVM

Dr. Jessica Durham, Community Spay and Neuter Clinic Surgeon, has been promoted to APF’s Veterinary Medical Director. Dr. Durham is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia College of Veterinary Medicine. She has been the APF’s clinic surgeon since January 2014. She has been trained by the Humane Alliance (HA), a program of the ASPCA in its Veterinary Spay and Neuter Response Team, and most recently (2016) in their Leadership Program. Dr. Durham is President-Elect of the Capital Region Veterinary Medical Society, a division of the NYS VMS and is Chair of the Ethics Committee for the Capital Region.

Brianne Doherty

Brianne Doherty, Volunteer and Foster Coordinator, has been promoted to the newly created position of Shelter Team Leader. In her new role, Brie will oversee the following programs: animal care and welfare, animal behavior, adoptions, rescue placements. She will continue to work directly on foster and volunteer programs.
Both Dr. Durham and Ms. Doherty have been solid and progressive members of the APF team. They have demonstrated great competence, compassion and capacity to lead. We are very pleased to recognize their great work and place them in new positions where they can further improve the lives of the homeless pets in our care while also providing exceptional guidance and leadership to our animal care, welfare and placement staff members.