For a limited time only, adoption fees for all cats age 8 years and older will be waived courtesy of our very special and caring friends, Evelyn and Marc Gutchell.
Why adopt a senior cat? Well…

  • Senior cats tend to be more settled and are usually calmer than their younger counterparts
  • Older cats still enjoy interactive playtime, but won’t drive you crazy with lengthy toy sessions or fishing pole antics – a little at a time will keep them happy and healthy
  • Senior cats have better social skills, and they may have more experience with children and other cats.
  • They’re less destructive. Old guys are likely not going to chase your shoelaces, scale the curtains or furniture or jump on counter tops or tables.
  • One of the best things about older kitties? They tend to want to be around you. They enjoy your company and tend to be more affectionate than younger more independent kitties. Think more love, less crazy.
  • But what about illness? It’s true that seniors may require some extra medical expenditures as they age, but younger pets come with unexpected expenses of their own. Young pets swallow all sorts of objects and get into all kinds of trouble that senior pets are simply not interested in.
    When you think about it – companionship, comfort, affection, friendship, love — these things are timeless and ageless.