Perdi and Annie, two wonderful dogs, came to the APF separate of each other last month. Both dogs are incredibly sweet, they both love to be around people and we know they’ll both make great family pets. Perdi and Annie have something else in common though, something that could prevent them from living the happy, love-filled lives they both deserve. Perdi and Annie are both heartworm positive.


The treatment that both Perdi and Annie need is lifesaving but costly. With your help, we can give these two pets the second chance they both deserve.

In addition to heartworm, Annie arrived with a mass on her right shoulder that needed to be removed, which will add to her cost of care.  In total, we estimate that Perdi and Annie’s treatment will cost around $2,500.

Gifts of all sizes will make a lasting impact in the lives of these two dogs. Please, join us in our mission to give Perdi and Annie a second chance by donating today. Your lifesaving gift is truly appreciated and will make a difference that will endure. 

Funds raised in excess of the cost of Perdi and Annie’s treatment will go to our veterinary care fund, which is used to provide special medical treatment to other homeless animals like Perdi and Annie.