Pet Behavior Help

At the APF, we would like to help you keep your pet in your home rather than have it surrendered to the shelter for behavior issues. Toward that end, we have a number of resources available to you.
We have highly experienced and certified staff members available to help with unwanted behavior in pets. Please call (518) 374-3944 ext. 115 for a phone consultation.
Our APF Canine Academy exists to help with all kinds of dog training. Offerings are available to help you properly socialize your puppy (Puppy Basics), to provide Basic or Advanced Manners (101 or 102). Get In the Zone is designed to assist dogs that are easily over-aroused by other dogs or are difficult to get and keep their focus on you, their handler. Hounds and their owners often benefit from our Nosey Dogs class. We have many other offerings as well. Click here to learn more.

Whether you’re a first-time pet owner or a seasoned pet parent, questions do come up regarding your pet’s behavior. Here are some great resources to help.

 ASPCA’s Virtual Pet Behaviorist

Now you can get pet-behavior advice from ASPCA experts 24 hours a day, right from your computer. Their nationally recognized team of animal behaviorists offers possible solutions to a wide range of issues, right when you need it.

ASPCA’s Pet Behaviorist

HSUS Cat Answer Tool

This handy tool will help you understand and resolve many cat behavior issues, such as scratching, biting, or litter box issues.

HSUS Cat Answer Tool

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