It’s the official start of the summer season and many people look forward to amazing firework displays. What is fun and beautiful to us though, can be very scary and confusing for your pets. Like many shelters across the country, the Animal Protective Foundation experiences a surge in stray intake around the Fourth of July holiday. Here are a few tips to help keep your pet safe and at home this holiday weekend.

  • The best way to prevent your pet from becoming lost during a firework display is to keep your four-legged friends at home and indoors during festivities.

  • If your pet is stressed by the noise of the fireworks, put on the television or radio to drown out the sounds. Close windows and turn on the air conditioning.

  • Set your pet up in a closed off escape proof room, such as a bathroom, with their bed, a crate, food and water and their favorite toys.

  • Be proactive: ensure that all of your pets are wearing collars with up-to-date ID tags, inspect the home for loose or broken doors, windows or screens.

  • If your pet is not microchipped, now is a great time to do so. The Animal Protective Foundation offers microchipping services for just $15. Be sure to remember to register the chip free of charge on!

  • If you know your pet is severely afraid of fireworks or loud sounds consult your veterinarian ahead of time.

  • If you are hosting guests, ask them to be vigilant when opening and closing doors, a scared pet may attempt to flee.

  • After the fireworks and before you let your pets back outside inspect your yard for debris that could be harmful to your pet.
    Fireworks can be very frightening for our beloved pets, but by practicing vigilance and ensuring your pet is safe and comfortable indoors, you can prevent your pets from becoming lost. For more information on pet behavior or services offered, visit us online at
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