On Thursday, November 7th, APF took ownership of 44 pets from the same household when their owner became hospitalized and unable to continue to care for them. Among the 44 pets were: 3 dogs, 12 cats, 11 guinea pigs, 13 birds, 4 fish, and a hamster. Twenty-seven dogs, cats & small animals will stay in our care, while the birds and fish have gone to partnering organizations.

We are currently over capacity and need your help! Although, these pets are not yet ready for adoption while they are evaluated for medical and behavioral needs, many other dogs, cats and small animals are anxiously waiting for their forever homes. Adopting now will help us free up space and resources to dedicate to these pets in need.

Please consider a donation today to help defray the high cost of medical care for these sweet new arrivals. Many are afflicted with various ailments and need veterinary care. We appreciate your kindness. Click here to donate: https://www.animalprotective.org/dev/donate-to-apf/