There have been a number of postings on our Facebook page about a cat named Pinky. We appreciate everyone’s concern about the animals in our care. But, we must take this opportunity to provide the facts about Pinky and her time at APF.

About a month ago, Pinky, who was a senior cat, was brought to the APF by her owner through a third party who has a relationship with us. Both the owner and the third party had multiple concerns about Pinky’s health. Our veterinarian completed an initial exam on Pinky and determined that her major issue was either organ failure or hyperthyroidism compounded by severe dental disease.

Pinky’s owner requested blood work to better understand her major health issue. The blood work indicated hyperthyroidism. The recommended treatment of this disease is medication with multiple blood tests until the thyroid hormones are in balance. Once in balance, Pinky would require, at minimum, life-long medication and regular blood work to measure thyroid hormone levels.

That information was shared with Pinky’s owner, who then requested humane euthanasia, a decision also supported by APF’s veterinarian. APF complies with the wishes of a pet parent in a situation such as this. It is never an easy decision to make but in Pinky’s case, as in the case of other sick animals, it was the right decision.

If you have additional questions, please contact Deb Balliet, Executive Director at 374-3944 x110.