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Adoption Stories

Have you adopted an APF pet? Whether your companion is new to your family or has been with you for many years, we always love updates. Please send your news, stories and photos, along with adoption date, to Marguerite Pearson, Director of Communications at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Mr. Bun Buns - update


posted 12/31 11/

Our little "baby" is so happy. He had fun on Cristmas and is doing great.

Take care,
The Brady Family


Molly and Violet


posted 12/31/11


I'll be mailing an actual CD of all the kittens I've fostered for the APF in the 2010 and 2011, but here are some photos of the two babies I just adopted. Waaaaay cute. Enjoy!

Hilary Buckland

Sheba Makeda


Attached are photos (just a few!) of the former “Nina,” now named “Sheba Makeda” (beautiful promise). We felt so fortunate to be able to adopt her when someone else happily was chosen to adopt the “Coors Cooler” kittens. There’s still the off and on grumbling from our two older cats, but experience tells me “this too shall pass” within a week or so. There’s plenty of space for the cats to roam here in the house, and a lot of kitty sleeping places!
Hugs – Suzanne Burleigh


posted 12/31/11

AbbyHello APF. Three and a half years ago I adopted a scrawny 7 month old cat named Abby who was terrified of her own shadow. Now she's all grown up and is the king of the castle. I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful and loving cat. Thank you for all that you do.



posted 12/31/11

wyattWyatt was adopted at Mohawk Honda in June 2011. I have been meaning to send a photo. We just love him so much!

 Kimberly Ann Warren




Bosco and Daisy

posted 12/31/11

boscoDaisytreeHello APF,

Wanted to share happy story of Bosco and Daisy.

We adopted Vino, now named Bosco, on Labor Day weekend 2009. He was good boy right from the start. He adjusted well to his new name, new family and new home. He instantly won over the hearts of family, friends and neighbors. He is VERY treat motivated, so learning basic training skills was easy for him. Being a southern dog from Georgia his first winter was a shock, however you wouldn't know it from his playful romping in the snow.

The following year, Christmas 2010, we stopped in to visit the staff at the APF and decided to take a look at a dog we saw on the website. As soon as we saw Annie, now named Daisy, we had to have her. She was a little reserved at first, however we brought Bosco in the next day to meet his potential new sister and she came out of her shell. They hit it off immediately, a match made in heaven!.

They are now inseparable. They enjoy their playtime in the backyard, watching the neighbors through the big bay window and their daily morning and evening walks.  Since day one they have hunkered down together in the same bed at night, (even though they each have their own).

Just wanted to say thank you for the great work you all do, and wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season and Happy New Year.

Dave and Danielle