Fostering Saves Lives!!!

Each year the APF helps hundreds of animals find loving homes. Foster families help many of these incredible pets on their journey to being adopted.


Foster homes are needed for the following:
  • Mama cats with kittens too young to be placed for adoption.
  • Kittens without a mother cat who need bottle feeding.
  • Kittens who are eating on their own, but not big or old enough for spay and neuter surgery.
  • Cats or dogs with colds or undergoing treatment for an illness (generally not contagious).
  • Cats or dogs recovering from surgery.
  • Dogs in need of training or manners.
  • Dogs or cats who have been at the shelter a while who need a break or could benefit from some at home photo shoots or a personal marketing assistant.


We will provide training and supplies for foster volunteers. Please complete our online foster application to get started!


Why APF Fostering is Different:


You have around the clock support.

We know that things can happen at any time. It is our primary focus that you love fostering, so animals sent to foster care are temperament tested and have been examined by a vet. If at any time, and we mean ANY time, something comes up, you can call your foster contact and they will be happy to answer your questions or help you and your foster pet.

The average time commitment is only two weeks!

That’s right, in as little as 14 days you can make an impact in a deserving pet’s life. Sometimes it only takes a weekend to help and sometimes it’s a month; either way, you will know before committing to an animal approximately how long they will be crashing on your couch!

You choose who you take home.

Foster families receive an email when there are animals in need of foster care. Each foster gets to decide when and who they care for in their home. This is ideal for animal lovers with busy schedules or that travel a lot – you can foster around your lifestyle!

The APF will provide all needed supplies to care for your foster pet.

Food, medications, veterinary treatment, litter boxes, bowls, and bedding are all provided by the shelter. Foster parents are encouraged to spoil their pets though, so you are welcome to buy all the toys, treats and even clothes you want!


For more information please call (518) 374-3944 ext. 118